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You CAN have a great party – just learn from my mistakes!

A Success!

The back-to-back parties went off rather well, I think!  Saturday night was Japanese dinner for 6, plus my almost 2-year old son.  We made sukiyaki, which is a sort of stew your guests cook at the table.  All I needed to do was buy the ingredients, chop the veggies and make some very simple broth to cook in.  Since this is fantastic party food, I will definitely do an in-depth post on it another time, and recommend some cookbooks.

Sunday afternoon was my son’s second birthday party (a little early).  Mainly family, and a few neighborhood kids.  My uncle made the cake, which was stellar:  devil’s food with rasberry filling!  We held the party at 2 p.m., so no need to prepare a full meal:  pub mix/trail mix, fruit with dip, Halloween candy, shrimp scampi (homemade, but extremely easy and keeps well), and frozen quiches (brand:  Nancy’s.  Almost as good as my homemade.)

Here’s what I would recommend should you decide to hold two parties very close together:

1.  Definitely re-think the idea.  It’s going to be a lot of planning – the schedule will be everything.

2.  Make one of your parties super simple.  Think party platters, pre-cut vegetable trays, or even catering from a favorite restaurant.

3.  If one of your parties is for family, try making that the more casual party, and enlist their help.  Don’t turn them down when they offer to bring something, clear the table or wash dishes.  Don’t be a hero!


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Big Experiment This Weekend – Back to Back Parties!

By Monday, I may have a treasure trove of tips for you, good, bad and otherwise. 

My son’s second birthday party is Sunday.  Yay.  Cake, ice cream, family, and appetizers.  Tips to follow.

However, we have decided that it is also a very good idea to have a 6-person dinner party Saturday night.  Japanese food, lots of fun, easy to make.  Book recommendations to follow.

Let’s see if this was a good idea… 

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