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On Being a Guest…

I went to two Halloween parties this year, and both were great – for totally different reasons.

The first was thrown by a long-time friend of mine and her husband. The guests consisted largely of people who knew each other, or at least of each other, and a few people only the hosts knew. It was a great mix. Going to party after party with the same people can get to be droll. It’s always good to invite people whom no one else knows, but who have something in common. (By the way, costumes help people have something in common…)

The food was great, without being extravagant. Some frozen appetizers, cooked well and very nicely plated. No one knew she hadn’t made them herself! Some was catered via take out and, again, the food was well presented.

The second party was a family party. Everyone in costume again, which is great for family, because you see people in a new light. The food was largely homemade, with a good mix of food for adults, and food for kids (that the adults could eat, too). Excellent bar set up, a pumpkin decorating contest, and lots of cozy places to sit, inside and out.

Some tips for your party, whether friends or family:

Get rid of the evidence! You can’t have the empty boxes or take out containers lying around! Always put out your own platters, bowls and plates.

Use what you know, Part I: A party isn’t the time to try a new restaurant. The chic new place around the corner may look good, but until you have had at least 3 different meals there, don’t bother.

Use what you know, Part II: This isn’t the time to try a new convenience food, either. If a frozen appetizer looks good for your party, get a box and try it first. Better to find out now that the cooking instructions aren’t right, it won’t hold for the whole party, or it just tastes like crap.

Use what you know, Part III: Same goes for new recipes. Try them out first! Know how much time it will actually take, how much preparation is involved, and how well the food will taste, and hold for the evening.

Alcohol: The great ice breaker. A few well-chosen boozes and a few well chosen juices make for a fun evening. Don’t forget the beer! If you aren’t hiring a bartender (I never have), it’s nice to put out a few recipe cards as suggestions for what your guests may wish to make.

Coming up:  My progress on planning my own Christmas party, and my favorite cookbooks for parties…


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