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You CAN have a great party – just learn from my mistakes!

The Party’s Over…

Brunch was a blast.  Really.  Did I look stressed?  Nah, not me….

Well, a little.  Preparation ran about 1/2 hour behind schedule, but that ended up being no harm, no foul.  So did the guests!

I came up with 2 new rules for the Christmas Brunch:

1.   Brunch starts at 1:00 p.m!  We have loads of friends who were either late because they were attending or performing at church services.  Why kill myself when half of the guests need to arrive later anyway?  Sleep in!!

2.   First guest helps.  Of course, this only applies if you are behind.  It may seem rude at first blush, but think about it. You are a little behind in setting things out or plating those wonderful items you made ahead.  The first guest arrives.  He will see you busy and undoubtedly offer to help.  What are the options?  (1) Tell him no, hand him a drink, and make him sit and watch, or (2) Tell him thank you, hand him a drink, and involve him with something simple.  Perhaps emptying a bag of chips into a bowl, or cutting fruit…He will feel better being involved, and you will have one less thing to do.  Trust me – works every time. 

An important corollary to #2 above is, don’t concern yourself with the way the job gets done.  The apples aren’t cut into precise eighths?  So what.  Chips are in the wrong bowl?  Who cares.  A simple “thank you” is all you should tell the helper guests.  Remember – they did it for YOU.

Next up – the source of my latest inspiration…


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