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Interview Meme

My Blog Friend Fighting Windmills sent me this interview meme as a way to get me back to the blog before the first anniversary of my last post, so here goes!!

1. What taste can take you back to a strong childhood memory?  Chocolate.  Definitely chocolate.  

2. If you could have a personalized license plate (7 characters) for your car, what would you get?  I already do!  GSHA MEL.  Any guesses?  Yeah, that’s an easy one.

3. When is the next party coming up and what are you planning?  Easter will be the next small get together.  We will be having turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, whatever veg my sister brings, and dessert from Mom.  And eggs.

4. What kind of pets do you enjoy?  Those belonging to other people.  And my son – I enjoy him.

5. How do you spend your Saturdays typically? Shopping, watering and weeding at the community garden, cleaning up the house, putting my son down for a nap, falling asleep myself, waking up, computer time, son’s up, play play play, dinner, then put son to bed and futilely trying to stay awake until my husband gets home from his gig.




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