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what appetizers do you have at wine tasting

Someone found me recently searching “what appetizers do youj have at wine tast”.  I’m going to assume I have a character limit in my report screen, and that that googler was really searching for what to erve at a wine tasting…

 And here’s what I’d go with – match it up depending on the wine you are serving:

 The classic is cheese, of course.  And since I’m a cheese nerd, it’s only right and proper that I list that first.  There are tons of  references available on the internet to suggest pairings, and since I don’t know what you’re pouring, I can’t get too detailed.  But some of my favorites are nice goat’s milk bries, epoisses, and aged goudas.  Sometime I’ll have to run down my faves for you…

And what do you eat with the cheese?  Unless I’m serving a gloopy cheese like a brie, that really needs a carrier to be eaten in polite company, I tend to slice and serve.  If I need a bread or cracker, I’ll usually go with a baguette, thinly sliced.  Crackers impart flavor, and I like to just taste the cheese.

What else to serve?  I’d go with thinly sliced pears, or chocolate.

Of course, there are endless other options.  But since someone took the time to ask what I’d serve, that’s the answer!


March 2, 2008 - Posted by | entertaining, food, wine tasting

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